What IS Sea Salt?

Take salty water. Get rid of the water. Now you have salt. In our case, LBI’s salt water is VERY SALTY!

Simply put, it is the essence of LBI.

Most true Sea Salt you eat has been sun dried in evaporation ponds near the water source. There is no filtering or boiling taking place. Himalayan Salt is mined from caves. Typical Table Salt is mined from underground and heavily processed removing most natural minerals while adding anti clumping agents.

The color of the salt is due to the naturally occurring minerals, hence table salt is white after heavy processing. Sea Salt contains many natural minerals which are good for you and also add a unique flavor. Sea Salt contains many major electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Sea Salts can be white, black or even red. Himalayan Salts are often Pink.

LBI Salt, unfortunately, is a boring off white color and the basic crystal structure is very fine, like our sugar sand beaches.

Read more about the process and safety measures to make sea salt here.

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  1. […] Each batch is tested for over 20 different chemicals and bacteria- I’ve yet to have to chuck a batch for failing tests. If you were to truly ‘purify’ the salt water, you would have table salt, pure NaCl, and that kind of defeats the entire purpose of creating sea salt. Check out the difference between Salts here. […]