Pine & Salt For Good

What is more South Jersey than Pine Trees, Salt Air and Salt Water?

Samantha’s Uniquely LBI was a crazy idea I started while in High School that went through many iterations. Obviously, my parents were supportive, but I also had courses in High School to prepare me for my business journey; like entrepreneurship and marketing. You are looking at a 1st Place DECA champ for Full Service Restaurant Management thank you very much. I also took Cooking and Baking classes that were offered. These may not have been well attended by my peers, but I think they were some of the most formative of my High School Career. I know many of these classes are no longer offered at Southern (or do not run without enough interest), so I want to make sure students interested in these types of topics have the ability to follow their dreams.

Certain Samantha’s Uniquely LBI products are members of Pine & Salt For Good and for each item sold, $1 will go towards a scholarship for a student who is interested in pursuing a career in business.