If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a bit sarcastic and silly. I am also someone who will Google the same recipe each time instead of printing it out or using a cookbook. Don’t get me wrong, I have cookbooks and I do use them occasionally, but for most things I just go to Google, find the recipe I liked and use it again.

And do you know what my biggest pet peeve is when finding a recipe? Having to scroll through someone’s life story to get to the recipe. So on Brutally Honest Baking and Candidly Cooking the recipes are at the top and my yammering, if there is any, will be at the end or on my social post to get you to read the recipe in the first place. So rejoice on instant gratification of being able to actually read the recipe.

As the names suggest, the recipes will be to relatable and and easy to follow. We will not be following all the rules, there are ones you can break (I melt my butter for cookies and that is a hill I will die on), ones you can bend (—-), and some you do have to follow (—).