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Is This Safe To Eat?

These were the first words out of my Mom’s mouth when I gave her some of the salt. Actually, she asked me “am I going to die if I eat this?”, but that would not have been a great headline.

Yes, this is safe to eat.

The water is hand collected from October through May for the purest salt water. The water is then left to settle for at least 24 hours, letting the sand fall to the bottom. The salt water is then triple filtered through grade 90 pure cotton cheesecloth. Once strained it is then boiled for hours. Once the salt crystalizes, it is spread out on pans to be fully dried out before packaging.

Check out these sites that detail the process of making your own salt: Wine Country Table, The Washington Post, The Jolly Tomato, Modern Farmer.

Each batch is tested for over 20 different chemicals and bacteria- I’ve yet to have to chuck a batch for failing tests. If you were to truly ‘purify’ the salt water, you would have table salt, pure NaCl, and that kind of defeats the entire purpose of creating sea salt. Check out the difference between Salts here.

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